Members and Families First

How fast COVID 19 can spread

Soap vs Sanitizer vs Coronavirus

How Soap Kills the coronavirus

The science behind COVID-19

Corona Virus Explained and What we should do

Check out this great video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.


What is COVID 19?

This video from OSMOSIS provides the latest update and information on what COVID19 is.

COVID 19 Additional resources


Updates from International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Please visit the link below for updates from the IBT. 

Government of Canada Information on COVID19

Please click here for update information from the government of Canada on COVID 19

Government of Ontario Information on COVID19

Please  click  the  link  below  updated  information  from  the  Ontario government. The site also includes a self assessment tool.

WHO - World Health Organization

Please  click  the  link  below  updated  information  from  the  World  Health Organization.

Teamsters Canada COVID 19 Updates

Please  click  the  link  below  updated  information  from  Teamsters Canada.