The Benefits of Joining a Powerful Union


When you join Teamsters Local Union 419, you join a diversified local with an experienced elected Executive Board.

Teamsters Local Union 419 includes members in the following industries:

  • Warehousing 
  • Airport and Airline Services 
  • Food Services 
  • Armored Car 
  • Food Processing 
  • Waste Industry 
  • Retirement Homes
  • Health Care
  • Cold Storage 
  • Others

Teamsters Local 419 is a democratically run union.  Officers are elected by the members. Stewards are elected by the members.  Collective Agreements are voted by the members. 

Teamsters Local 419 is proudly affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters which is 1.3 Million Members Strong and Teamsters Canada with over 125, 000 Members.


PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS AND SECURE YOUR FUTURE! What can our union do for you?

  • Equal rights for employees 
  • Seniority rights 
  • Grievance procedure and arbitration 
  • Protection against unjust discipline, suspension, or discharge
  • Protection against favouritism, discrimination on promotion, transfers, shift assignments and lay offs, etc.
  • Legal assistance if you are being terminated for the so called "just cause" (and Employment Insurance Benefits are being denied)
  • Legal assistance when you have a problem with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


Are you concerned about joining a Union?  Don't Be.  Federal and Provincial laws give you the right to join TEAMSTERS LOCAL 419, without fear of reprisals!

Here is how the law guarantees your rights:

  • Its against the law for your employer to terminate or discipline you for belonging to or organizing a Union.  It is against the law for an employer to change your wages or working conditions to keep the Union out.
  • The law prevents employers from interfering in any way with your decision to join us.
  • Employers are not allowed to stop you from talking about the Union on your own time.
  • Only the Government knows who signed a card.  
  • Once the Union is formed, the employer must negotiate in good faith to reach a contract.  The government can impose settlements and big fines if company's won't negotiate fairly.


Here are the services you get as a member of Teamsters Local 419: 


  • We're first when it comes to getting good wages and benefits, pension protection and other valuable rights all workers deserve.  Our Union is stronger bargaining union because we believe in the work we do and we work  as a powerful unit together with our stewards and members!

Health and Safety Protection 

  • We deal with top professionals in workplace health and safety.  Our Union has the experience to solve health concerns in the office, the warehouse, the plant, and other locations.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

  •  If you are injured on the job, our trained experts can help you process you claim with the WSIB and appeal a claim if it is denied.

Job Security 

  • We work for full time and part time employees to assure seniority, access to the grievance procedure, hours of work, benefits and pensions.